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Power yoga with Sarah

Power yoga with Sarah Yoga image
Power yoga with Sarah Yoga image
About me


I am originally from Witney, Oxfordshire. I trained as a dancer/singer/actress at a prestigious school in London. After 5 years of performing and working on cruise ships as a singer and dancer I moved back to London. I had to decide what my next move was going to be and what I would do for a living now that my performing days had passed. 
I began studying Bikram yoga and practiced this form of yoga for over 3 years. I then decided to try Ashtanga/Hatha/Vinyasa yoga styles in an effort to broaden my knowledge of yoga in general. What I found was that I really connected to the vinyasa style and so decided that this was to be my next step. 
I trained at Hot power yoga in Clapham under Dylan Ayaloo who is a magnificent teacher. 
I had found my feet again and had met some incredible friends through my training who are still very close friends today. 
Yoga for me is not just about the practice itself. I enjoy being on my mat, connecting to my breath and working through whatever it is that is causing me stress or discomfort. It is an opportunity to focus on yourself, something that it very difficult to do whilst living in a busy city like London. It is also about community. My students are friends, they are considerate and caring towards each other.
I currently teach at Anytime Fitness Tooting/Ladbroke Grove, Hotpod yoga across various London studios, AM Power yoga in Old Street and Fitness First Angel. My students requested more classes so I decided to create my own. 
I am also a qualified Personal Trainer and train clients all over London.
I teach a class that will push you. It will help you work through any injuries whilst building strength and flexibility. It will make you work. 

I love teaching yoga, it has completely changed my life and I would love to share it with you.
If you are looking for a community, new friendships and a place where you can have some fun, come to my class and join us on the mat.